Remington T-Studio Hair Dryer

4 years ago

I have had this dryer about 2 years, maybe 3. I keep it under the sink in the bathroom and use it a few times a week. It works well, and isn`t broken but I had to buy a new dryer because it is basically decomposing. The texture of this dryer is like suede, which I loved at first because it felt so smooth and didn`t seem to get as hot as shiny plastic. I also loved that it was a dark chocolate brown with pastel pink accents. Over time, the suede finish has become so sticky that I have to wash my hands after using it and if the soap and water doesn`t work, I have to use lotion and a towel to scrub the rest off. I thought maybe it was my hair product at first, although I never usually use them near my hair dryer, so I tried to clean it with a sponge and soap. It wouldn`t come off and the sponge got all messed up. Then I tried a cotton pad with alcohol and this seemed to help after scrubbing and scrubbing, but after it dried, it still felt tacky. This led me to purchase another dryer because I can`t even hold the thing without my hands getting sticky, even after trying to clean it with intensity! So, I would not recommend this dryer to anyone because of the fact that the material it is made out of deteriorates after a few years. You will be seeing a review on my new Babyliss dryer soon!

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