Remington T Studio Curling Wand + Review

4 years ago

I picked up this curling wand at Walmart the other day (when I had originally planned getting a straightener, ugh.). I`ve wanted one forever since I saw a few video tutorials on how it gives your hair loose, beachy/mermaid-y waves/curls. I was stuck between the 1/2-1" barrel, or the 1-1 1/2", but I ended up getting the 1-1 1/2" one. This was $30. I got the Remington T Studio wand with the pearl ceramic iron. I loved it mostly because it was pink and black :) It came with a thermal glove, and the wand features a screen that showed the temperature, and has "+" and "-" buttons so you could self-adjust it. It even has 3 bars that blink as it is heating up, and they stop blinking and go solid after it reaches the temperature you pick. The temperature goes up to 410 degrees.
Now, here are my reviews, split up into categories....

1) THE WAND ITSELF: I love it! It`s easy to hold onto, I use it upside down. I like how you can have your curls go from big-small or small-big, but can also be all big or all small. I liked to mix up the sizes and everything just to make it look less perfect. On the box it says it heats up in 30 seconds, but that must be for the lowest setting, because I use the highest temperature (410 degrees) and it took over 1 minute, but not too long. I like how it gets nice and hot! If you hold your hair for like 5 seconds, it makes beachy waves. If you hold it for 10 seconds, it makes perfect curls. I love how versatile it is!
2) TEMPERATURE: It`s awesome how you can adjust the temperature to as high or low as you need it. It heats up fast, but not THAT fast. If I`m not in a hurry it`s no problem.
3) THERMAL GLOVE: It even says in the directions, this will NOT protect you from direct contact with the wand. It`s meant so if you touch the wand for a second accidentally it won`t burn you. It`s just a cotton glove but it helps.
4) FINISHED HAIR: I really liked the way my hair turned out! It looks like it could be natural, but it had lots of potential. My hair was smooth and shiny afterwards, not fried and dry.

Overall I really like this product! Even after one use, I want to get the smaller one so I have even more options. It was a good deal at $30, and I`m excited to use it more this summer! xox

By the way, the pics of my hair, that was after the first use of this iron, and I was more or less testing it out. That`s why the curls are all random lol.

*Photos are MINE.

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