Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

3 years ago

I love this new toy I received a couple days ago. It`s my very first curling wand by Remington. It`s the TStudio Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. This is the reason why I returned the one I bought from Ross. I ordered this online from Amazon for $19.99. The size I got is the 1` to 1/2` barrel size. I also ordered the bigger size which is the 1 1/2` to 1/` barrel size for my sister. That one was $22.04. It`s said that this curling wand is made with crushed pearl which gives you smoother curls and longer lasting curls. You can control the temp of the wand with the temp control and you can even lock in the temp you set it on. There is a little feet on the wand to keep it off your working surface. I love the fact that the wand is pink. It also comes with a glove so that you won`t burn your hand when curling your hair but it doesn`t mean you can hold onto the curling wand with it though cause this wand get go up to 410 degrees!! I tried this wand yesterday and I must tell you all that I love it. I can say that this is my holy grail curling wand. I didn`t use any hairspray nor did I use my Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press spray either and guess what!! My curls were still there the next morning when I woke up. I was sooo surprised. Not once has my hair held any curls without any help at all and not all hairsprays are created equal. The only spray that would hold my curls that doesn`t make my hair crunchy is the Paul Mitchell spray. But omg!! this Remington curling wand gave me curls that lasted all day to the next. My hair is still holding onto the curls now, well it`s more of loose wavy curls now, in the middle of the night as I am typing this post. I know I didn`t make a bad choice when I purchased this wand. And I also saw a video on YouTube where a girl claimed that her hair held the curls for 2 days too after using this wand. Now I can save some money and probably no longer have to buy any spray at all to hold the curls. But I still recommend using heat protectant. I will definitely buy this wand again if I needed to but I hope I don`t. I can wait to give my sister hers so I can try it out too and see if I also would want to buy the bigger one. The only thing I wish they would change was to make the wand a bit longer cause I have very long hair and I had to squeeze my hair onto the wand. And I also wish they`d make some with the same size wand throughout. But all in all, I love this wand!!! It`s my magic wand now!

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