Remember Me!! Help Luuuxers!!!

Hey Luuuxers,

I am sure if you were in love with beauty, fashion and entertainment then you might have seen my posts!! I have been away for about two or three months now!! I was one of the top contributor of the health and beauty page!! I had several followers and many points!! Well it seems like when things are looking up something always comes crashing down!! Well unfortunatly i had a sick person hack into all my social media site and deleted all my accounts!! I was devastated!! I lost my youtube, luuux, blog and emails!! I do not know why i was targeted but it happened!! I have seen been trying with luuux to get my account reestablished!! Well............. that did not happen as you can see!! They informed me that it was not possible to reactivate one account alone. I lost everything i had worked over a year for!! I am trying to see if i can get my points back!! fingers crossed!! Well i just wanted to let you all know i am back!! If you want to friend me please do so =) If you want to follow!! I would be eternally happy and will follow back loves!! I am going to try to get my page back up to the top!! Thanks everyone for your help and support!! xoxo

I miss you all!!! xoxo Tasha

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