Relvon`s Scented Nail Polish: Orange Pop

5 years ago

Hey Loves! This is going to be my review on the Relvon`s Scented Nail Polish in Orange Pop. I applied this color on my nails last night because I`m really getting tired of the cold winter blues and what else better than to lighten my spirits with the Spring`s Biggest Color Trend for 2012 Tangerine

Price: I picked this nail polish up from my local CVS which it happen to marked for 75% off! Not only was it a hot new trend color but it was also a sweet deal! I cant remember exactly how much it was since i bought it last week and threw away my receipt but i know 75% off any price is beyond cheap.

Packaging: I have to same Im very disappointed in the product`s appearance. If you glance up at the picture and look really hard in the bottom right corner, you could see why. As i stated, I bought this nail polish last week along with some others and stash them away in my makeup drawer. Well when it was time for a polish change, i went to go pick up the bottle and lord behold the lettering in front of the bottle was now spilling out into my bare hand!! I`m not quite sure how this could happen! Was it the lotion or oils from my hands? Was it because i kept it in a plastic container? If so, why wasn`t the rest of the nail polish doing the same. I later just took a towel and rub the rest of it off giving it its new final appearance in the photo. The crazy thing about it is that the back of the bottle lettering (which includes ingredients..etc) is doing just fine. ???? Granted I know this is a drugstore brand but reputation is everything. I mean you have Halle Berry as your spokesmodel for goodness sake. Not a good look Relvon...

Application: The nail polish comes out very nicely, and becomes opaque with two coats. I find with one coat of polish it comes out an almost yellowish red color but with the second coat applied it becomes its true orange hue. Being extremely accident prone, im rocking a three coat because i always seem to bump into something. It never fails! The polish is not too forgiving so be careful.

And of course what you all have been waiting for...How Does It...

SMELL: Let me tell you a story instead...After i finish applying the nail polish and it was now completely dry, i went to go sit down in the bed next to my boyfriend where he was typing away on his computer. He looks at me and goes "Did you pass gas?" Horrified (and NOT GUILTY!) i quickly replied back "Um....NOOOO!" so he shrugs his shoulder and saids "Oh well i smell something weird" and goes back to typing on his computer... EPIC FAIL

*On the bright side, when i woke up the next morning and smelled my nails, the scent wasn`t there anymore. So it doesn`t last the whole time. I give it a couple of hours and then the smell will be gone. I guess that`s why it was on the 75% clearance rack.

I would give this product a 3 out of 5. Granted the color is really pretty, but with the lettering falling out into my hand and the smell having to be compared to a fart subtracted TWO big points for me!

What you guys think about the Relvon`s Scented Nail Polish line?
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