Relief from Dry Winter Hands

3 years ago

Has winter wreaked havoc on your skin?

I know that this winter, in particular, has been really tough for my skin. I like to take pride in having soft, smooth skin, but that hasn`t been easy this winter.

The worst has been on the back of my hands and my face, since those are what is usually exposed to the elements. With my face, I`ve been successful by using my Mia 2 and applying my favourite face cream and serum duo after every shower.

However, my hands have seen the worst. They were dry, flaky, and I was even starting to get painful cracking and bleeding! This has never happened to me before!

No amount of lotions could save my skin, but I finally found a routine that works, so I`m going to share with all of you!

If you have dry, flaky skin, the first thing you need to do it scrub all that dry skin off! However, you want to be gentle, while doing this. Sure you can use scrubs that you buy from the store, but I have found that making it at home works best.

All you need is some olive oil and some sugar or salt! I prefer to use sugar since it is a little more gentle. Also, salt can sting a little if you are applying to cracked areas where you still have open wounds.

Basically, mix around two teaspoons of sugar with some olive oil. You want to end up with a thick consistency, like a paste (like I have going in the second picture). The more sugar you add, the grittier the scrub will be, while the more oil you add will make it more gentle. Once you are happy with is, grab a handful of the mixture and start rubbing on your hands, almost like you do when you are lathering soap. Focus on the extra dry areas, but be careful not to scrub too hard! After a minute or two, rinse the scrub off your hands.

Once you have rinse away all the sugar, you will still have some oily residue left on your skin. If you don`t like it, you can just use some soap, but I like to leave it for the next step.

Next, you need a thick moisturizing cream. I like to use the Nivea cream than comes in a big tin since it is so thick and soothing. I apply the cream, leaving a think layer on the driest sections. Next, I put on a pair of cotton gloves that are meant for this purpose. I got them in a gift set a while ago, and have been making good use of them recently.

I know that you can get similar gloves at beauty supply stores or even some dollar stores. But if you don`t have any, you can also use an old pair of (clean!) socks or even those stretchy `one size fits all` gloves that you can find for a dollar or less.

You want to apply the cream before you go to bed, and leave it on overnight. Wearing the gloves will prevent the thick layer of cream from getting everywhere. For an extra layer of protection, some people will wrap their hands with some plastic cling wrap before putting on the gloves. You can also use some plastic bags, but I`ve never really tried it. I find using the gloves is enough.

I suggest using the scrub once a week at most, but applying the cream every night, or every other night! Once your hands go back to normal, you can probably use the scrub and gloves only as needed!

What are your best tips and tricks for soft skin? Do you have any home remedies like mine?


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