Relaxation Techniques to Try to Lower Blood Pressure

4 years ago

While many people require medication to lower their blood pressure, it doesnt necessarily go without saying that this is the only solution to this health concern. There are relaxation techniques that will lower the blood pressure naturally. These in tandem with the medications prescribed by a doctor can lead to more optimal health. The Facts Relaxation techniques have been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, according to a report on The report claims that its possible to lower blood pressure entirely through natural means, although this does require time and dedication that many men might not have. That said, its still beneficial for a persons overall health to incorporate relaxation techniques to help counteract the stresses of modern life. Visualization According to the, imagining scenes of beauty and tranquility can help lower the blood pressure. The health site recommends that people employing this technique use all their senses in their imaginings. In addition to the sense of sight, people should imagine a peaceful scene near an ocean or in a forest, thinking about how it smells, sounds, and feels as well. Visualization works best if its done in a quiet, meditative place with the eyes closed. Loose clothing helps further the relaxation. Hypnosis Some amazing things happen during hypnosis. Reports of lowered heart rate, blood pressure, and even a slowing of blood flow to a wound in an accident are all phenomena that have been reported by people who have undergone hypnosis. According to the,the people are more susceptible to suggestion under hypnosis, allowing the hypnotherapist to give the client suggestions that would be conducive to relaxation. Additionally, hypnosis itself is a highly relaxed state, similar to that of meditation. This relaxed state helps break down some of the barriers to relaxation and along with visualization techniques help the patient imagine himself dealing with stress more calmly and effectively. Yoga Yoga is a mind/body/spirit practice that encourage deep movement, relaxed, but challenging poses and deep breathing. All these elements taken together cause the body to relax, which will help lower the blood pressure. Many different types of yoga exist, and there are some classes that incorporate both Pilates and yoga together to give a more intense and well-rounded workout. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Progressive muscle relaxation is just what it sounds like, the slow and incremental relaxation of each muscle. This technique is simple to employ; each muscle is slowly tensed and then relaxed again until each muscle group has been worked. This works in part, because it helps a person focus on the difference between muscle tension and relaxation. Conclusion Learning to relax plays a key role in stress reduction and by extension, in lowering the blood pressure. The person who would like to reduce stress by incorporating some relaxation techniques will begin to lower the blood pressure naturally over the course of time if these techniques are used consistently. Nisha represents a site called health

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