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2 years ago

Hey guys,

So I want to let you into my personal life a little bit and ask you for your opinion.
This past Sunday, November 16th, I met this guy. I`m not gonna tell you his real name but lets call him Ronaldo. Well, Ronaldo and I hit it off immediately. We were texting nonstop all day that Sunday, videochatted for 3 1/2 hours and texted nonstop Monday. On Tuesday, we hung out after school and on Wednesday, he met my dad and came over.

We`ve been calling each other bae for the past few days and honestly every single time I have a notification from my phone saying he sent me a message I smile so big I just can`t believe it. He is so perfect and is constantly calling me beautiful and just making me happy. I literally met him a few days ago and he`s already making me think about him nonstop.

I`m not the tallest or the skinniest or the prettiest girl and he doesn`t care about it one tiny bit. The day I met him I had a full face of make up and I was dressed very nicely because I had been working. That same night, we video chatted and I honestly at first didn`t want to because I was in my pjs -- oversized shirt, booty shorts, no make up and glasses. I didn`t think I was pretty enough to actually video chat with him when he had seen me a few hours early looking on point but I sucked it up and went on video chat anyways. The first thing I said to him was I look ratchet don`t judge me and he told me that I looked beautiful.

We have so much in common its perfect. He loves to eat and watch movies. He loves some of my favorite movies & music too. I listen to very random music. I listen anywhere from alternative to mainstream to One Direction to Ariana Grande. Its the randomest music choice. He even likes one of my favorite One Direction songs. He`s perfect.

I guess the reason I`m posting this is to ask for y`all`s advice. Do you guys think we are moving too quickly? Or do you know people that are like that?

Thanks guys. I just really wanted to put this out there and let y`all know what was going on and why I`ve been so happy. I love you guys.

Don`t forget, Live Your Adventure Because Your Adventure Lives Until Tomorrow.

Bye guys!
Jc Marie

PS. Bae if you`re reading this, I like your face. Oh and the rest of you too.

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