Refresh your oldie but goodie shirts!

5 years ago

(I don`t know what it is, but I get so creative at night! This is what happened)

Ever have a shirt that you`ve worn so much, you`ve stretched it out, but still LOVE it?
I definitely do, so I thought of a way to make it look like it fits better, looks cuter, and that puts a new spin on it!

First, my yellow Volcom shirt was getting baggy..I probably should have bought the XS in the first place, but I like my v-necks loose, so I bought the small. Anyway, it just looked dumb on me, especially since my torso is shorter because I`m 5`2" aka petite. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought "Dangit, I love this thing, I don`t want to give it away and stop wearing it." Then, I figured I didn`t have to! During football season, we all were doing this to our shirts because as Florida State fans, we are Seminoles, and Seminoles have fringe! So, I cut the bottom of this shirt (right below where it hit my the top of my shorts & the fringe length is a few inches & 1" wide) and wa la! It looks cute & feels new! Yaay! :]
This next shirt is from Hot Topic. I love music (sang in Chorus since 6th grade) I play it while I am in the the car.. etc haha, & as you know, I love skulls, so I canNOT give this one away either. I thought that fringe didn`t go with this shirt because it doesn`t have a summer feel like the Volcom one does, so I brainstormed and thought about how Hot Topic does a lot of the cut out stuff. So, I cut the sleeves twice and the sides of the shirt twice. Now the shirt feels new and looks more edgy. LOVE
I hope this helps you guys and gives you inspiration on how to make your things new again!

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