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5 years ago

*****WARNING: Do NOT read if you have not watched the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead OR do not want Season 3 spoilers*****

Okay, so I`m sure a lot of people will be blogging about this, but last night`s The Walking Dead season finale, "Beside the Dying Fire", was just too good not to talk about. As someone who hasn`t had the opportunity to read the comics yet, a lot of what happened was even more exciting and shocking to me than it probably was to fans who have read them.

This episode, to me, was one of the best of the season. There was a lot less chattiness and a LOT of tense action. Hershel goes into full Rambo mode mowing down the walkers overrunning his farm. I felt really bad for him, but was glad he didn`t stick around defending it, which is what I thought was going to happen when he didn`t leave with Lori and his daughters. I know a lot of people don`t like him, but personally I find his character very real and more developed than Carol and Theo. I think that now that he`s accepted the world for what it is, he`ll be an asset to the group`s survival.

Rick`s admission to Lori that he killed Shane was also a very revealing scene. Personally, I hate Lori. She is one character that I just can`t seem to understand. She seems incapable of keeping an eye on Carl, as that boy seems to wander around freely constantly. One moment she hates Shane, tells Rick that`s he`s dangerous and all but asks him to kill Shane off so that he won`t be a problem anymore (at least, that`s what it sounded like to me; I mean, what else can Rick do in that situation?), and the next moment she`s thanking Shane for all he`s done for her and Carl (hint hint, wink wink, say no more say no more).

So finally, after repeated threats from Shane and having a gun pointed in his face and being told his family is better without him, Rick finally decides to kill Shane. For his wife and his son, and the group. But when he admits this to Lori, she is MAD? Disgusted? Was Carl`s involvement part of why she reacts this way? And if so, why? After all, it`s her job to look after him when Rick`s away hunting a possible threat to the group.

To say this pissed me off is an understatement. Am I the only one who finds Lori`s character ridiculously annoying and contradictory?

Next there`s Rick`s speech to the group. I found myself extremely happy that he was laying down the rules with them. People like Carol who are always whining about being a burden to the group, and never doing anything about it herself, and then have the gall to complain, really annoy me. I think she`s going to be a bad influence on Daryl, whose character I like and find interesting (and maybe I`m a little biased, because I loved him in Boondock Saints).

The look on the faces of the group after Rick made his speech is also very revealing though. Will it have a bad effect and pull them apart, or will this new tough-leader approach by Rick squash the endless squabbling among them and make the group stronger?

Finally there is Andrea`s attempted escape from the farm. I am not a fan of Andrea, but I found myself rooting for her. She certainly wasn`t going down without a fight. So when she`s rescued by the mysterious hooded, katana-wielding person with two armless, jawless walker "pets" was a massive shocker. This visual was very moving, and a real awakening that Season 3 is going to be a bit more rough and gritty than the group`s snug (if it can be called that) lives on Hershel`s farm.

****WARNING: Season 3 SPOILERS****

Because I`m not a patient person, I had to find out who Andrea`s mysterious savior was. It turns out her name is Michonne (this info is from the source link below), and she`s going to be a major addition to the series. For more info on this character and more Season 3 spoilers, check out the source link.

What did you all think of The Walking Dead`s season finale? What do you expect from Season 3? Do you have a different view on Lori or Carol?

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