REFILLING PRINTER Ink at Costco Thoughts

I go through so much printer ink that it gets pretty expensive. I think my printer eats up a lot of ink when I print because it doesn`t seem to last me very long. Since I have a Costco card, ink for me is at a wholesale cost for $41.99+ tax, you get 2 black ink cartridges and 1 color ink cartridge but I don`t want color ink! I still have 3 color inks stored away because I use black more often and Costco doesn`t "just" sell black alone. They offer a refilling printer ink at Costco for my particular printer for only $7.99+ tax. I know when they first started this service like what 5-6 years ago? My sister and I tried it out and our ink was dried up. I decided to try refilling ink again after how many years now that technology has been improved and I have to say, it works and it`s not dried up.

I would not recommend refilling printer ink if you`re someone who prints a lot of papers at once (example: papers, assignments, paper work, or a student)
WHY? The ink prints wet/liquidy and it smears easily. However, if you have patience to let the ink dry then it`d be good for you.

For half the cost of ink, this is the cheaper alternative but I think I will resort to just buying ink. I just have to stock up when there is a discount coupon for HP inks. I normally have like 3 stocked up in my closet but they`re all freaking color ink and I forgot. But luckily it`s summer so I don`t "really" need to print much so for the time being this ink will do.

OVERALL: Ink works but the quality isn`t SO great. For me, I wouldn`t repurchase cause I like to print a lot of pages and if it smears that`s a no no.

I don`t think I ever reviewed my printer before either but it`s pretty old. I think I had it 5 years ago during high school? It`s a Hewlett PAckard PSC 1401 All in One Printer. It prints, scans and copies just does not fax. The printer was very affordable less than $80, I believe -- so far, so good but I am planning to replace it with my printer at my sisters` which is a Brother`s Laser Printer, laser printers save more ink.

<strong>Have you ever refilled ink from Costco? What are your thoughts?</strong>

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