Refillable Glass Water Bottle!!!

I drink a LOT of bottled water. At least 3 bottles a day. Now some people may not think that`s really that much but if it`s a minimum of 3 a day, and there are 365 days in a year, that`s over 1,000 bottles per year! Now there are days I drink 4 so you`re looking at 1,100-1,200 at minimum per year that I alone drink. Then you add in my mother (since I`m stuck at home) who drinks 1, sometimes 2, per day. That adds about... lets say 500. Then my step dad who drinks maybe one a day so we`ll say 300. That comes out to 2,000 bottles per year from my house alone!!! When you really think about it and look at it that way, that`s really bad. lol

But with a refilable glass bottle, I can buy the big gallon jugs and just pour it into here and drink it that way.

Now, I know what your`e thinking... "just use a britta" Well, we have one of those... but it still tastes like it came straight from the sink. It reminds me of the gross water fountains from when I was little so it`s really only used to the kuriegs and for cooking. Or you`re thinking "just re-use the plastic bottles". Well, they actually say you shouldn`t re-use them because the plastic will begin to break down and because they can also start harboring germs and bacteria.

So, if you drink a lot of water like I do (I don`t drink soda and rarely drink coffee or tea) this is a GREAT idea!! And at $13, the price isn`t bad either.
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