Reebok Tells You To Cheat ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND

5 years ago

I am sure whoever came up with this particular ad for Reebok is kicking himself in the butt. Who would think this was a good idea for an ad? Ridiculous. It makes the company look really, really bad and they are pretty silly for ever thinking it were clever or smart.

They recently launched this new ad that urges you to <strong>cheat on your girlfriends</strong>. The full phrase is, "Cheat on your girlfriends, not your workouts". This ad was in very poor taste and there is no way it could have been misconstrued. I wonder if Reebok will be pulling this ad from posters. After all, Reebok isn`t a company targeted solely for males; females buy and wear their brand, too.

<strong>How do you feel about Reebok`s new ad?
Do you think people are overreacting?</strong>

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