Red Velvet made from home!

4 years ago

Greetings everyone!
I am such a huge fan of baked goods that it should be illegal. lol. One of my favorite baked goods is red velvet cake!! I love baking and cooking so any little bit that i can get in i really enjoy. This i actually found at wal mart, first time i seen a cake mix for red velvet so i went for it with high hopes. It`s from Betty Crocker and im guessing they just recently launched it. When you first open the mix its weird because the powder is a really light brown/pinkish color and i thought `oh lord this is not going to turn red` but once i started mixing in the wet ingredients the color shined through!! Than when i tasted the batter it didnt taste like i would have thought, like red velvet. But i still went through with it and didnt add anything extra to the batter. Once it started baking i could smell it coming alive, it started rising a whole LOT more than i thought. Once i took it out, let it cool for a while and cut it, i was just amazed at the deliciousness of this cake. For it being a cake mix from walmart, it sure was yummy!!! It was super moist, soft. tasted just like red velvet is supposed to and just that small box gave a lot of cake! The danger in making all this cake is that its a huge temptation for me to just keep going back for more so usually whenever i make cake or baked goods and i make a lot, i give most of it away to church members, friends and neighbors. This was a huge hit!! I did not put any frosting on it because it was really good on its own plus it was less fatening that way, meaning there would be more room for cake >.<

-Whats your favorite baked good??

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!

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