Red Velvet Cupcakes!

5 years ago

What is better than taking a delicious bite into a freshly made red velvet cupcakes? umm... NOTHING? haha. Well maybe, there are some better things, but man were these cupcakes one of the best things I even tasted!

I went out with my friends last weekend to walk around this little city around where I live that resembles New York City, but on a smaller scale. We walked around the town to window shopped, but I actually caved and brought a cute shirt even though I should be saving up my money =( We walked around for quite a bit (4 hours to be exact!) and that builds up quite an appetite! I was ready to devour everything insight.

My friends and I decided to stop in at a local bakery to pick up our lunch. The bakery is a local place, but it is similar to a Panara Bread. For my lunch, I got a smoothie, a flatbread type sandwich with lots of cheese, and a small bag of chips on the side. My friends got similar meals, but after eating all that, I still wasnt feeling satisfied so I looked around the cupcake section and my eyes spotted these babies! They were red velvet cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting and embellished with sugar pearls. The wrappers of the cupcakes were a chic design of black and white that complemented the white frosting a sugar pearls. Even though they were almost $2 dollars a cake or 10 for $15 dollars, I decided to get the box of 15 with my friends to split. We each pair only $3 dollars and got 2 cupcakes each. I devoured one in less than a few minutes and took a bit of my other cupcake. I wanted to save the rest for later. These cupcakes were so good. They were sweetened to the perfect amount and incredibly rich and had a buttery taste to it! I loved the frosting!

Are you guys a fan of red velvet?
If not, what is your favorite flavor for cupcakes?

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