Red sole only for Louboutin ?

Hello guys !
Let`s make a quick quize. What`s your first thought when you see red sole ? Isn`t it gorgeous pair of Louboutin shoes ? I could beat that 99% of you will think about that famous brand. But it looks that it will change. Louboutin losts with Zara. He wanted to patent the red sole and sued Zara for using it. But unfortunately he lost and now need to pay 2,500 Euro for Zara which is just crazy for me. When i saw a woman on the street with red soles i always think - omg omg she has got Louboutins ! But now it could be also Zara, H&M, Atmosphere... All stores could use this color on the sole. I think that this is not fair. I can`t called that shoes knock offs but they will be famous only because of Louboutin shoes. I mean Zara could use other color like pink, green, golden but they won`t be that famous like red. I know that lots of people don`t have money and would be happy that they could buy shoes which looks like from famous designer in low price. But i think that this is better to save up for real ones. Even here, on luuux. They are in basic model but hey they are Louboutins so they will be gorgeous in every model. And they are not that mega expensive something about 35.000 poinfs i think.
What`s your opinion ?
Do you think that only Louboutin could make shoes with red sole ? Or that everybody could use it ?
Tell me :-)

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