Red Rose handmade earrings

4 years ago

I Love these earrings so much. They go well with pretty much any outfit and are great for this time of the year. Spring and summer and the perfect time to wear these which is half the year so you have a long time to rock these amazing red rose stud earrings. I have some exactly the same that I got from superdrug but lime green. The ones I bought were £6 and I love them and the fact I have another pair but now red is amazing...


I have to admit these red ones win hands down. They were sent to me for review purposes from These red ones are handmade where as the geren ones from superdrug were and you can tell. I love handmade jewellery because they will never be the same as anyone elses because even though people have bought the same things, they will still be differences in them.

-They are very small and light weight.
-Lovely bright block red colour
-Very sturdy and I dont feel any of the petals will come off
-I love the fact they are 3D and the petals bend back like real rose petals which gives them a more realistic effect
-Not made of cheap metal as cheap metal makes my ears go green quickly and these havent, and also cheap metal usually bends quite easily aswell.

There is only one disadvantage to this product and it was because the actual metal stud part of the earrings had come off of them both. I think it was just a fault with the glue but I have superglued it back on and they are BRILLIANT and I wear them all the time. I have discussed the glue problem with the the owner of this website and she is looking into it so dont let this factor put you off buying this product because it really is worth the money.

I love this product, I love flower earrings, and I wear them all the time and I would recommend this to everyone. This is perfect for anyone with a chic fashion style or anyone that likes this type of jewellery really so get on the website and buy it!

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Price: £4.00

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