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I went to the gym the other day, and there was a trainer passing out these drinks for free. I was hesitant to try it because I don`t like energy drinks or power drinks, but the trainer handed it to me, so I took it. He kept saying that "It will convert your calories into fuel." It`s supposedly suppose to help you get more out of your workout. It will energize you if you are feeling fatigue in the morning, which is when a lot of people like me do their workouts. It`s also supposed to hydrate you just as well as water, and it won`t spike your glycemic levels. There`s not sugar or caffeine, so you know the energy boost isn`t going to give you a crash. He called it "POWER IN A CAN", and this trainer was practically shouting that for 10 minutes while he was passing it out. I really wanted to ask if he was getting paid to sponsor this stuff. This drink is blood red, which is kind of scary. I drink about half of it before my workout, and I really didn`t feel much of a difference. I`m a morning person, so I already have enough energy to kick start my day, and my morning workout helps me with that. This drink didn`t make me crash like coffee does sometimes, so I can speak for that. I asked the trainer if this drink is supposed to have an effect on weight loss, and he says it doesn`t, it`s just an energizer that takes your calories and turns it into fuel or energy, so you`ll work out more, and in that sense you will burn a lot of calories. It doesn`t taste bad, but I just don`t like the taste of energy drinks. They basically just want you to replace your morning coffee with this.

Overall, this drink still seems unhealthy, unnatural, and completely pointless. I wouldn`t recommend it. The one thing that was cool is that this can design is really beast, it almost feels like a water bottle.

<em>Have you tried this fitness drink before?<em>

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