Red makes me feel rebellious!!

5 years ago

I only own like 3 things that are colored red.I wasn`t a fan of red but now i am.I have my phone,camera,nails, accessories and much more in the color red.Doesn`t that mean something?I think that`s a yes!When i wear my red clothes i feel rebellious.Not i like mean .....just like a girl in red .

When i go shopping and i wear red shoes or heels they say that they found the girl of "wizard of oz" I just laugh and say there`s no place like home lol = D Have you guys ever seen those people that wear only the color red .They look so weird .But thank goodness i`m not like those girls.Anyway i love blazers in color red or just in any color.

One of my favorite things in color red are heels i love love heels.I have maybe like 5 pairs and I`ve only worn like 2 of them.So this girl was wearing a RED HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BLAZER.What made her outfit look crazy she added WHITE HAUTE & REBELLIOUS SHORTS.Her accessories were some GOLD HAUTE & REBELLIOUS NECKLACE,BLACK HAUTE & REBELLIOUS HEELS and last but not least was a BLACK HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BAG.

She also had bracelets.What i thought about her outfit is that she looked really nice and casual .She wore the RED HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BLAZER right.I also like the second picture because she looks good without the RED HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BLAZER.

GOLD HAUTE & REBELLIOUS NECKLACE also looks good on her makes her look like a normal girl.This outfit would look good to wear in a really hot day, and the weather just keeps getting hotter and hotter.Her BLACK HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BAG looks so fluffy,and very warm.the accessories look very put together .Who doesn`t love acessories?

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