Red lipstick

One of the cosmetic that many women do not want to give you, according to statistics, the lipstick.
Many are the colors to choose from: pink, peach, marrore, black, blue, plum, and so bare. However, the first created shades for the lips seems to have been the very red, a real must-have of all time!
For the selection of colors to use, you must follow some indication: light to give volume to the lips thinner, the more fleshy nude color and any color to the lips of normal size. Also important are the color of the eyes, skin and hair.
The lipstick can be applied using a brush (smaller than the others used in the make-up) or directly from the stick.

In this article I would like to speak precisely of red lipstick, very popular during the Christmas period.
Choose to use it, means wanting to give close attention to the mouth, definitely put in the foreground and create a frame around it that does not steal the scene: a simple yet sophisticated makeup. The classic example is the typical pin-up style: deep red lips, is a perfect but natural, black eyeliner and mascara a lot. The delicate color of a blush.

The red lipstick on the mouth Supermind to accentuate the white teeth, a fundamental point for the smile of every woman.

There are several variations of red lipstick: those containing a subdued brown / yellow, like the brick red or coral (for those warm tones), and those containing a blue undertone, like fuchsia or crimson (for those cool shades) . The burgundy, however, is considered a neutral red. In short, every woman has her red lipstick, just find what suits your features!

Christmas around the holidays, there are many who see proprosta makeup as our undisputed star red lipstick, so I leave you with a tutorial for the perfect opportunity! A kiss and the next
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