Red Hair Care: Tips From A Fellow Red Head

Red is a popular color for hair but it`s one of the most difficult colors to maintain and live with. I`ve had my hair various shades of read for the past three years and I have found and tested almost every method to keep it looking it`s best. Here`s a list of products I use to keep my hair bright and beautiful.

-Quantum Riveting Reds: This shampoo and conditioner is my go to product. I buy mine at Sallys Beauty Supply. It definitely helps keep my hair looking redder. Little expensive on my poor man budget but we`ll with it.

-Tresemme Heat Protection Spray: Heat will fade your red hair so it`s best to avoid it but if you have to a heat protection product is a must have. Every time I blow dry or straighten my hair I mist it with this and it definitely helps. It`s a good idea to use it on non colored hair to.

Another trick that most people don`t like is simply not washing your hair. I wash my hair three times a week. Sounds gross huh? It can get pretty nasty l won`t lie, but there are ways to make your hair look and feel `clean` without washing it.

- Dry Shampoo: This stuff is going to become your best friend. On the days I don`t wash my hair I spray dry shampoo on it and it instantly helps with the grease and the dirty smell. I personally use one by Tresemme but there are tons to pick from.

-Baby Powder: Same deal as the dry shampoo but much cheaper! I`ll toss about a handful on my roots and brush it through my hair and it works wonders. Only downside is that if you don`t brush it out completely you my have white spots!

**All photos are of myself or are mine.
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