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4 years ago

Hi luuux beauty dolls!

Like a month ago was my b-day (I got the *big* 3-0), and one of my presents was a gift card, so I decided to go to Ulta and see what they had. At Ulta I saw this awesome display of this DIY gel nail polish, and I decided to give it a try... so I got it, and these are my opinions about it.

<em><strong>General comments about Red Carpet</em></strong>
I have been using this since last month, and I have to say that I like it very much! If you don`t have a professional UV or LED nail curing lamp, this system have one in the starter kit; but if you already have one, you`ll be fine if you get only the "structure" and "brilliance" bottles. (check image #3)
I have to say that this system is much more easier to apply than Shellac, last about the same, but is a complete pain taking it off. You need to file it first, then soak your nails, and after that you have to scratch it out with an orange stick.

<em><strong>So... What does it includes?</em></strong>
The<strong> starter kit</strong>; as far as I know comes with:
<br><ul><li>- A LED lamp: for curing each one of the necessary layers.</li></br>
<br><li>- Structure and Brilliance bottles (image #3): which are basically the base and top coat respectively. This are the key of the whole system.</li></br>
<br><li>- An orange stick and buffing stickers: for pushing your cuticles and buffing your nail in the prep process.</li></br>
<br><li>- Purify sanitizing liquid: this is just blue colored alcohol with a little bit if regular nail polish remover (acetone). This is necessary for the prep process, after you buff your nail; you rub this for cleaning the nail, and after you done with the curing for removing the tacky residue. </li></br>
<br><li>- Cuticle oil: for condition the cuticles after you are completely done.</li></ul></br>
But the kit I actually got was the <strong>Glamorous Glimmer</strong> (pic #2) which comes with:
<br><ul><li>- Glitterazi gel polish.</li></br>
<br><li>- I cant believe it gel polish: base color shown in picture #5</li></br>
<br><li>- Tinsel Town gel polish: shown in the pic #4.</li></br>
<br><li>- Dazzling violet sparkling glitter: shown in pic #4 on top of Glitterazzi</li></br>
<br><li>- Cosmic sparkling glitter: shown in pic #5 on top of I cant believe it</li></br>
<br><li>- Starlet sparkling glitter</li></br>
<br><li>- Rhinestone plate< /li></br>
<br><li>- Rhinestone picker tool</li></br>
<br><li>- Orange wood sticks</li></ul></br>

I didnt got the starter kit, because is somehow pricey and I already have the curing lamp. I only got the top and base coat, the rest of the kit I just improvise it with things I already got at home; for example for the purify sanitizer liquid I just put some alcohol and regular nail polish remover in a cotton ball, I already have a buffing tool and cuticle oil too, so I dont really needed it.
About the Shimmer and Glimmer kit I love it comes whit all the tools for doing this great nails, the instruction booklet explains it all really good step by step how to do it yourself, which I really like that too.
<ul><br><li> - Easy to do</li></br>
<br><li>- Cheap: it is cheaper than Shellac and of course than go to the salon and get your manis done</li></br>
<br><li>- Long lasting: this one last about 2 or three week, even if rough situations (I am a grocery store cashier and a pre-k teachers aide, so my hands are exposed to all kinds of stuff)</li></br>
<br><li>- Variety: it has a big variety of color to pick.</li></br></ul>

<ul><br><li>- Difficult to take off: filing is necessary before and after you soak your nails in acetone</li></br>
<br><li>- The starter kit is somehow pricey: it cost around $50 dlls, so if you can get only the lamp and top and base coat, that will do it.</li></br></ul>

Well, I hope this explained well my thoughts about this system. Sorry I havent been around too much lately, but I have two jobs and college to do now... so I barely have time.
Thanks for reading and hoe you like it!
**Pictures are mine, please dont copy without my authorization. Thanks**

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