Red Bean Ice Cream =)

4 years ago

One of my favorite ice creams is the red bean ice cream. It`s a pretty hard to find ice cream as its usually only available in Asian supermarkets and even then, it does get quite pricey. Once I get myself an ice cream maker, I`ll make this myself =)

Basically its a vanilla ice cream base with azuki beans (or red beans) mixed into it. The azuki beans are known to be extremely healthy, providing protein and fibre. It`s also used in Chinese medicine to promote circulation and heat within your body to keep it warm during the winter time. It`s also boasted to give your skin a nice glow.

Here`s a quick recipe on how to make this ice cream using a hand blender =P

First you take the azuki beans and boil them in water as they usually come in dried form. You have to ensure that the azuki beans have not spoiled. You can easily tell by smelling it. Its supposed to give off a soft floral scent.

After the azuki beans are boiled, boil them again using rock sugar. This way, the beans get sweetened. Once cooled, let the azuki beans sit in the mixture of water and rock sugar overnight in the fridge.

The next day, mix the vanilla ice cream and azuki bean mixture in a hand blender and you get your own red bean ice cream =). It may not look the same as the store-bought ones or ones served in Japanese restaurants but it is very close to the real deal =P

Hope that helps!

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