Red Beach in China

4 years ago

There is a pink lake in Senegal. Now I learn there is a red beach in China! This is the <strong>Panjin Red Beach</strong>. It is actually located about 30 kilometers southwest of Panjin City, but hey, who is trying to be picky about that?

Unlike the pink lake in Senegal, which has pink water because of micro-algae, the Red Beach gets its name from the type of seaweed that is everywhere. But it`s not red year round! In fact, from the months of April to May, it remains mostly green. But in the autumn, that`s when the magic happens because the seaweed turns an amazing, blazing red that closely resembles the red carpet at movie premieres and awards shows.

From the pictures, I would have just thought everything was photoshopped. It looks unreal. If you want to visit the Red Beach, it is possible, but only a small, remote region is open to the public. The rest is a nature reserve and closed off.

<strong>What do you think about the Red Beach?
Would you like to visit?</strong>

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