Recycling Bins Are Now Digital

5 years ago

Imagine going on the street and when you throw away that cup of coffee or water bottle you see the latest news in a huge screen at the same time?! Seems a bit strange to combine the two and looking at the image you might be thinking that its something that came out of a movie, but its not.
These are real recycling bins and they are the concept of the company Renew, that created recycling bins with a huge screen and very futuristic design that will display real and live time news to people passing by or disposing their garbage and even broadcast emergency warnings in case of a disaster.
Each machines costs 48.000$ and it seems to be already one in London on Gresham Street, St Pauls but the idea is planned to be used on other places, like the streets of New York and Tokyo.

I have to say that it looks pretty cool and the concept for it is very interesting. I just hope that once more of them are implemented they don`t get vandalized =/

<strong>What do you think of this futuristic news+recycling bin concept? Would you like to see these on the streets?</strong>

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