Recycled bottles to Cheeseboards, Spoon Rests amp Ashtrays

5 years ago

I was looking around online for unique gifts as everyone and their best friend seems to be hopping onto the marriage wagon this year and the ones not making it easy for us and having wishing well weddings, who do not want my red pocket money are making my life hard. So I`ve been on the hunt lately looking for unique things that people may possibly enjoy as one of their wedding gifts. I stumbled onto Erica Biery, who has a site called She recycles glass bottles by melting them in a kiln at 1400 degrees and the process takes about 14-16 hours to melt and cool to make cheeseboards, spoon holders, and ashtrays . They can be done in a variety of different colors and the clear bottles can have photos or personalization put underneath like shown in picture 2 in the wedding invitation, which I think is a neat idea. Personally I wouldn`t spend $45 on a single wedding invitation cheeseboard unless I was rich like Oprah or if there were less than 10 to send out, which ain`t happening lol. The items aren`t that expensive they`re $30-65 for the recycled bottle art items. But even if I don`t get one as a wedding gift this year. I am contemplating on getting either a clear one to put a picture of me and my man in or a Grey Goose cheeseboard. Loose on the Goose haha ;).

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