Recipe: Korean Milky Wonton soup

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1 quart size korean milky soup from a Korean supermarket
10 wontons & 8 gyozas (add accordingly to yourself)
some sea salt to enhance the flavours
cilantro (optional)
noodles (optional)

Bring the soup to a boil first
add in the wontons and gyozas
wait till it boil again
simmer for 10~15 mins. 5 more mins if you want the pork flavor to juice out!! I left it simmer and went to shower!
add in sea salt and scallions/cilantro & serve HOT.


I was shopping for grocery and I saw this soup came in quart size container. & it looks so GOOD because its made with beef bone. I love the milky texture and the taste of it. The specific soup name is called Sul lung tang. It is a hearty, luxuriant beef broth made from ox bones that are simmered on low fire for 12-15 hours. That is consider even longer than Chinese stew soup!! During this lengthy process of beef essence extraction, the bone marrow and collagen melt slowly, creating a milky, sumptuous broth rich in minerals and nutrients that will give you an instant immunity shot. Sul lung tang is served with strips of tender beef brisket that lay on a bed of soupy rice and thin noodles. However I didn`t buy those, I want this to be filling and tasty at the same time, so I opted for wontons & gyoza to go with it instead!! It tasted so delicious together because the wontons and gyoza have pork meat so it enhance more flavors in it. I added cilantro too because the smell of it is so fresh and its perfect all together!

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