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Good morning Luuuxers! I got this cool picture off the site in the sourcelink. SO all picture credit is to them. My recipe however, is below.

Today I wanna blog about Chile Rellenos. I actually threw a surprise party for my sister this last weekend and I made a little Mexican feast. I made Chile Rellenos, rice, chicken salad tostadas and enchiladas.

I would like to pass on to you how to make Chile Rellenos. And I mean the fastest ways. After making them for many years, I`m gonna share my secrets on how to make them fast and not labor yourselves in making a delicious meal. You`ll need:

1.) As many fresh chiles (as many as you`d like to make). These have to be fresh from the supermarket.

2.) A non-stick oven-safe tray.

3.) Some oil.

4.) Some salt.

5.) Some tomatoes (for the sauce).

6.) Some cilantro (for the sauce).

7.) 1/2 of an onion (optional for the sauce).

8.) Various eggs. Depending on the amount of chiles you`ll be making choose the amount of eggs accordingly.

9.) Some cheese. Either Queso Fresco or Mozarella cheese.

10.) Finally, and since you`ll be using this til the very end, some flour.

First, lay all of your chiles on your non-stick oven tray. Then (and this is one of the short cut secrets) drizzle some oil over the chiles, run the oil with your finger over the chiles to cover them in the oil.

Now that you have both sides of the chiles with oil, drizzle some salt over them. Cut a small slit on all of the chiles.

Have your oven on to: BROILER! Leave the tray in the over about two levels down.

Put in the broiler til you see the little skins blistering up, turn the chiles and do the same with the other side.

Now, the reason why the oil and salt are considered to be a secret short cut is, because not everyone is aware that if you add these two to the chiles, it`ll actually make the skins come off easier and when you peel them they almost come off FULL!

Now that your chiles are blistered, put them in a plastic bag. Tie the bag and wait about twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, peel the skins right off and then through the little slit you made earlier, make it bigger, and pull out the seeds and veins.

It`s optional if you want to rinse the chiles with cold water, just so they`re not as spicy.

So now that the seeds are out, start stuffing them with either mozarella or (my personal favorite) queso fresco. MMM! lol!

After they`re stuffed, roll them on to some flour, and set them aside. It`s optional if you want to use toothpicks to keep them shut. I actually don`t use them.

Now break the amount of eggs you`ll be using them in this pattern, if you will: whites in to one large bowl, and egg yolks in to a small plate.

Start whisking the eggs til` really thick and fluffy. When thick and fluffy whisk just some of the yolks in to the white fluffy egg. Because if you add too many or all of the yolks it will make your fluffy white egg go flat.

OK! So final step. Now that you have your fluffy egg, chiles stuffed, and rolled on flour, start heating up a pan with plenty of oil in it. Not too much oil, but plenty.

The rolled eggs in the flour, pick them up, one-by-one and dip them in to the fluffy egg (sort of like a corn dog before it goes in the oil) and slowly and carefully put it in the hot oil. Turn it as needed and to get the whole egg cooked. And there you go. It`s a fully made Chile relleno.


Simply boil as many tomatoes as disired, after boiled, add a little salt and blend them. After blended, dice some onion and cilantro and add to the sauce. And it`s as simple as that!


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