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Hey there Luuuxers! So recently me and my boyfriend made a huuuuge list of films that we want to watch. All of these films either haven`t been watched by at least one of us (namely me!) so we`re trying to get through them one by one. I thought that as we do this I`d give my views on them seeing as pretty much all of them bar about 4 I`ve never seen.

So a couple of nights ago we started watching Gangs of New York, which I`m sure you all know has a fairly well known cast including good old Leonardo Di Caprio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis and Liam Neeson (oh Liam, how I adore you!). Theres also the guy that plays Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire and Professor Moody from Haz Poz floating about in the mix too :]

First and foremost this film is LONG! I don`t really do long films as I`m prone to falling asleep/losing concentration so we had to watch this over 2 evenings. However, I did really enjoy it and found it a really interesting watch :] and I`m always a sucker for a bit of romance so I liked that side of things :]

Overall I would recommend if you haven`t already seen it (I know I`m a bit late jumping on the train...about 10 years late haha).

Hope you`re well guys!

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