Recently Finished Products #1

4 years ago

Hey, there! I have been saving up some products to review and these are seven products that I`ve used up recently!

1. Crest Whitestrips (Vivid) - Let me just say, this stuff works! I used the strips once a day for ten days straight and my teeth were noticeably whiter when I used up the whole box. To this day, my teeth are still decently white. However, just be aware that it won`t drastically whiten your teeth, only a little. :) I am definitely repurchasing this soon!
2. Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Mist: I got this as a Christmas present YEARS ago, and I finally finished it this year! This spray lasts forever... Personally, I`m not too crazy about the scent, so this is not something I am going to buy, but if I got this as a present, I`d be happy. :)
3. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara - I got this as a sample a really long time ago and I really enjoyed using it. The brush did not irritate my eyes at all and it worked pretty well for me. However, I just think that you can get other mascaras from the drugstore and still get the same result. I`m happy that I got to try it, though!
4. Bath & Body Works Irresistible Apple Lotion - I LOVE THISSSS. It might be too strong for some people, but I absolutely adore this scent. It really smells like apples and I always wore it whenever I wanted to smell really good! :) I am definitely buying this again if Bath & Body Works ever sell this scent again.
5. Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer For Eyes - Technically, it isn`t quite finished, but then again, I can`t use it anymore because it`s expired. :/ This provides light coverage and I really liked how it has SPF 30. However, I have pretty dark circles, so this didn`t really do the job for me. I recommend Hard Candy`s Glamoflague Concealer! It`s a lot thicker and covers my dark circles amazingly.
6. Estee Lauder Nail Polish in Naive Rose - To be honest, I don`t know how old this nail polish is. LOL. I got this as a birthday present a few years ago and I adore this color! It`s such a pretty coral pink. It even changes colors in different lighting. :D I doubt that you can get this anywhere, so I am on the search for a good dupe!
7. Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream - For a couple of dollars, this is something that I will always buy! It prevented acne super well for me. Whenever I feel like I`m about to get a pimple or something, I just dab this on overnight, and my face will still be clear the next day! I already have a second tube of this, that`s how much I love it, ahaha. :)

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