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5 years ago

About a year ago I started a post titled "Products Finished in...". I would regularly post all the products I finished in that past month and I`d been really good about it until I started travelling these past two months. On the bright side, I`ve still been using up items and I wanted to share the latest ones with you:).

Lancome Genefique Eye Cream: Would Repurchase
I received this eye cream as a sample when I purchased a foundation from Lancome last summer. I started using it when I finished up my Clinique All About Eyes. I would say that this eye cream is really good, comparitive to clinique, perhaps a slight touch more moisturizing. It definitely hydrates the eye area and you don`t need much to get what you need out of it. My only hesitation is the price for this, especially since clinique is cheaper and does the same thing. I would recommend it though, nothing bad to say about it if you`re willing to dish out the money.

Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton Perfume: Repurchased
This is definitely one of my favourite perfumes of all time. I don`t like the packaging but I won`t complain because a full-size of this is only $20. It`s absolutely amazing, I always get compliments when I wear this perfume. I finished it because of how much I love it, obviously lol. I already have another one that I`m using.

OLAY Facial Wipes
I like these, but they`re not as good as MAC Wipes. They`re not as wet, and they don`t take off all my makeup with one wipe. When they`re on sale though, they`re worth picking up. It`s not the end of the world after all if all of our makeup doesnt come off with a wipe if you`re properly cleansing and toning afterwards.

Sephora Lash Stretch Mascara: Would Repurchase
I got this mascara as part of of a sephora favourites set. I have to say that I`m really impressed with the quality of sephora mascaras, I like them as much as, and often more than the other high end brands included in the set. I definitely recommend it! The UD mascara was also part of the set but when I opened it, it was dried out:(.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque: Repurchased
I absolutely love this! The smell, the texture of my hair afterwards, how easy it is to style my hair, everything! I`m sure you guys have heard enough reviews elsewhere so I`ll just say I agree and that it`s worth the pricetag!

St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Lotion: Will Repurchase
This, in combination with BioOil, is the best thing I`ve found to deal with my dry legs and arms (especially after shaving!). It`s also often on sale so if you can grab it during one def check it out!

Proactiv Refining Mask: Repurchased
This mask is amazing for the skin; I`ve even heard people on youtube who dont have acne issues talk about it. It definitely is a great spot treatment for pimples, but it`s also amazing as a mask for just about anyone. The only issue with it is that it stays feeling kinda moist on the face, so it`s not an overnight kind of treatment (it`s not meant to be either though).

Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing Mask: Would Repurchase
I absolutely loved this while the sample lasted! I wish the brand was more accessible to me (I can only order it online and I hate paying for shipping). It does exactly what the name says, and unlike the refining mask, you forget you have anything on your face!

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Removing Lotion: Will Repurchase
This is amazing for removing eye makeup, and its really, really gentle because it`s a LOTION. The only thing better than this that I`ve found is the Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover but I don`t have access to that once it runs out so I`ll probably go back to this! It`s a tad bit expensive too for what it is.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry: Would Not Repurchase
I got this as part of a giftset from a friend. It`s not bad, and its a great body butter, I just don`t like the smell.

Biooil: May Repurchase
For the longest time I was trying to finish this product, and then I realized how amazing it is for mixing in with your body butter or lotion to battle dry areas that keep getting dry/itchy. If I find that body butters arent cutting it by themselves, I might repurchase. I would definitely not recommend this for your face, it broke me out.

DOVE Ultimate Deoderant: Would Not Repurchase
I much before the original DOVE deoderant. This left me feeling itchy/dry at times. It just doesnt have the same effect as the other one.

Garnier Makeup Removing Wipes: Might Repurchase
I bought this because I didn`t wanna drag my big MAC Wipes along on a trip with me. I do like these, and I would repurchase them if they were on sale. At $8 for 25 though, they`re not as cheap as the 100 MAC Wipes packet and I don`t get anything back for purchasing it either. Great for travel though!

Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner: Would Not Repurchase
It`s not a bad product by any means, and quite worth it on sale, but I think there are much better products out there so I wouldnt probably get it again.

Wow, this was a long one, lol. This did span over the past couple of months though so I`m not doing as well as I typically do (I average about 6 products a month) but it`s still something:). Tell me in the comments if you`ve tried any of these products or if you`ve finished some of your own!

Happy Luuuxing!

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