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3 years ago

Greeting everyone! It`s been a while since ive posted on Luuux and ive seen soo many changes that im a little overwhelmed and am trying to figure out. But I am excited about some of the new changes to the site. Anyways!! These are some old empties that I used up. here it goes:
-Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge conditioner, shampoo & 1 min treatment: this set I got from BzzAgent for free, it smells beyond amazing but I didn`t care too much for it. The shampoo left my hair feeling terribly dry and rough, and the conditioner was just okay. The 1 min treatment felt just like conditioner. What im crazy about is the smell. I`ll probably go to walmart and just sniff it for an hour. lol
-geoGirl cleanser- I got this for $1 almost a year ago I want to say and lasted me a long time! It lathers up nicely, has an okay scent and didn`t break me out. Not a bad product, especially for $1.
-Faith Hill body lotion: This was part of a set that I got my sister some time ago but she didn`t like it so I took it. It smells alright, I usually mix it with a neutral smelling lotion like jergins to even out the scent.
-Garnier Skin renew dark spot corrector: my sister got this and we shared it, it lasted us about a year! I do believe that it lightened some of my dark spots and a very small amount goes a long way with me! I have repurchased this.
-Equate Gentle facial moisturizer: when I first got this It was a holy grail product, I loved it & I still do, but now im on my second bottle & its starting to mess with my eyes. When I apply it my eyes get watery and hurt a little and a few times I got itchy but thankfully I haven`t had any serious issues, but I will be changing moisturizers to get a feel for something else.
-Degree deodorant for men: I must admit I love mens deodorant, it smells awesome in my opinion and protects me better than womens deodorants. I`ve repurchased this about 5 times and love it!! I will venture out though to see if something else works too.
-Avon hand cream: This was part of a Christmas gift from my avon representative, it was so sweet of her! I loved the reindeer, the scent and it wasn`t oily. A good cream.
-Healing waters sweet coconut lip butter: I`ve had this lip butter for thee longest! I have soo many lip balms that its out of hand! This was an okay one, smelled amazing like coconut and now I use it to store a broken eyeshadow (:
-Givenchy lifting serum sample: I got this lord knows when from lord knows who but it didn`t do much of anything for me. Maybe because it was a sample size.
-Chapstick & Nivea lib balm- Like I mentioned previously, I have a crazy amount of lip balms accumulated and im on the mission to get them all used up! These are both good ones!

Let me know if you`ve tried any of these products or if theres some product you recommend!

**Pictures are mine, please do not take!
Have a blessed one!

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