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4 years ago

I recently made a few ebay purchases. They all came from somewhere in Asia, either Hong Kong or China, but they arrived really fast.

<strong>What I got:</strong>
<strong>False Eyelash Applicator ($7.89 landed): </strong> I saw this from watching an Youtube video by Queenie Chan. She`s my favourite makeup guru by the way. I think I can be called an expert on falsie application as I`ve been applying it on myself everyday for many years, and I have helped others to apply as well. I normally just use a tweezer. But after seeing Queenie use this, I just had to get it. I must say, this thing works wonders. It really holds the curve of the falsie for easy application. For us Asians with flatter eyes (you know what I mean), you no longer need to wrap the falsie around your finger to create a curve similar to your eye shape.

<strong>Kiss Me Heroine Long&Curl Waterproof Mascara ($10.55 landed): </strong> I have the 3rd generation of this mascara and I don`t like it as much as this one that`s the 2nd generation. This mascara can be found at around $10. It way surpasses any other mascara that I`ve tried. It holds a curl extremely well and is waterproof. It adds good length and doesn`t clump much even if you apply 2-3 coats.

<strong>Mascara Shield and Comb: ($1 landed)</strong>This is used as a shield to prevent your lids from getting stained when you are applying mascara. It can be used for both upper and bottom lashes. On the other end, there are 2 "combs" that can be used to comb out the clumps. It`s a very useful little tool for a buck.

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