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4 years ago

*** pics are my own ***

Alright, so here are my latest scores in Algebra.
We have our final on Tuesday May 15th!

Now algebra has always been my FAVORITE class!
I know some of the steps can get complex, but there really is this simplicity in algebra.
At least for me.
The one thing I absolutely love about algebra is the fact that....
it is NOT open to interpretation!
There is an answer, steps to achieve that answer and a check to verify that your answer is correct.

I`m sure this is going to sound CRAZY but I actually calm down when doing algebra. Something about focusing on the steps at hand helps relax me when I am stressed.
I find myself sitting and doing algebra for hours when I get flustered about life in general! =)


Here are the assignments. Well first we had a homework assignment due on Tuesday. I scored a 28.5 out of 25. (there were 4 extra credit points). silly math error. I didn`t complete my work and distribute after factoring.

Question was to Simplify: (y-2)³
Solving.... (y-2)(y-2)(y-2) (foil)
you get: (y²-4y+4)(y-2) (this is were I stopped, but you need to foil again, oops!)
should have gotten: y³-4y²+4y-2y²+8y-8
simplifies to: y³-6y²+12y-8 (correct answer)

Then I had a 25 point quiz I had from the Thursday before. I scored a 25 out of 25! Easy Peasy!

Then on Tuesday when I handed in my homework, I had a exam to take. I scored a 97 out of 100. 2 Simple mistakes.

1. I forgot to square my variable when I was multiplying.
2. I had the correct answer, but I went on to finish factoring it, when the instructions did NOT require me to, so I was marked off 2 points. =( Oh well. 97 isn`t so bad!

So as you can see from the last picture, there is a 622 in the top corner. That is my total so far, minus the 150 final. I have 622 out of 650, as of right now I am currently getting a 95%. Which is alright I suppose, I was expecting better. Just wanted to share the good news with you all! =)

What was or is your favorite class in school, high school or college, it really doesn`t matter! Comment below and let me know what you think! =)

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