Received my first Barkbox!

4 years ago

So we have all heard of the latest monthly subscription boxes like birchbox, jewelmint etc etc. Well this is the same concept except for your PETS! A monthly box that comes with 4-5 goodies for your cherished one :)
I found out about this on Groupon (which I have been addicted to!! ) they had a great deal on it, sign up for 3 months get 3 boxes for $35! I believe the original price for this was $66 so I thought it was a great deal. I love spoiling my two dogs but it can get expensive (especially cause they destroy their toys sometimes the SAME day I buy them -_-) and with each box coming out to about $11.66 for 4-5 mysterious goodies I think that`s a steal!. When I signed up on the website they ask you questions about your pet so they can customize the box to your liking. They ask you if you have a small medium or large dog and they even ask you for their birthday! Aww! plus 10% of proceeds are used to support rescue groups.

What I got in the box:
1. Reindeer squeaky toy: made from all organic materials and stuffing, no harmful toxins and dyes so even if my dogs eat it they`ll be fine I`m sure lol, right when I took out the box my German Shepard grabbed it and hasn`t left it alone since but it seems sturdy, we`ll see how long it lasts. oatmeal shampoo: smells pretty good, has all the organic benefits. I`m excited to try this one since I have been looking for a new dog shampoo :)

3. Organic dog biscuit treats: once again all the organic benefits, no preservatives, chemicals etc, AND what I really liked is that the only ingredients in these were pumpkin, chicken,cinnamon, organic grains and that`s it! My dogs love them.

4. Dog cake mix: idk if any of you are those crazy people who like to celebrate your pets birthday... well I AM! (i mean i don`t go rent a moon bounce or anything lol but some special treat and singing happy birthday is always nice) and I`ve always wanted to bake them a cake but I don`t want my dogs to get sick, so I was sooo happy when this came! It`s a red velvet mix says its wheat free and even comes with a yogurt frosting mix! Saving it for their birthdays but will definitely let you guys know how it goes :)

Over all I was really satisfied with my first barkbox :)
I don`t know if they still have the deal on groupon but if they do and you love spoiling your pets I suggest you check it out.
Have any of you guys received/signed up for a barkbox before?

P.s I wasn`t sure what universe to put this post in but it had shampoo and that`s beauty and the treats and cake are healthy so I chose health and beauty. Luuux needs a critters universe haha

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