Reborn dolls

reborn dolls aren`t like any other doll. they are a very rare doll to get a hold of because of the way they are built and all their features. they have (depending on the doll you get) have up to 200 coats of paint on them. and have to be cooked in an oven. they have the features of a real baby like french tipped finger nails, and toes. they also have veins in there heads and hands. they are also weighted with glass beads to feel like a real baby. they have hair, rooted with soft like hair and most of them have rooted eye lashes too. they can also have 1/4 legs and arms, 2/4 legs and arms , or 3/4 legs and arms. most of the dolls legs match their arms. they 1st came around when women with still births and baby`s that would die during labor would have a doll made too look like their baby`s. they can have many diffrent add on`s from oxygen to baby cords to tubes to anything you would desire. so if you ever get the chance go look up reborn dolls on goggle and you will instantly fall in love with them because i know i did.. :)

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