Reasons you should NOT buy the iPhone5

4 years ago

Let`s be clear the iPhone 5 is probably one heck of a smartphone. But here are a few reasons why you should NOT get the iphone 5.

1. Apple stock which goes by the symbol of AAPL closed at $700 on Friday. Year to date the stock is up 74%! Do you really want to add more money to the pockets of the Apple employees in California that`s secretly laughing at you for overpaying for a smartphone? No I didn`t think so.

2. It`s not an Android phone. If iPhone 5 wanted to be great they would`ve used the operating system Ice Cream Sandwich or Strawberry Sundae or whatever it`s called currently. iO6 is great BUT they took away Google Maps, YouTube and as well Siri is still no where near replacing my wife yet!!!

3. They change the freaking dock connectors. Now I have all these freaking Apple dock connections and it won`t be compatible to the new iPhone 5. If I want to convert them I`ll have to buy an overpriced adapter (Again you can hear the Apple employees snickering). And can you believe that Apple this week say there is a SHORTAGE of dock connectors? WTH. Talk about creating an inflated market.

4. Final reason. Okay, okay I did preorder the iPhone 5 and it`s on its way. But that`s the exact reason why you shouldn`t get it. Why be a follower? Get your own phone!

Talk the TALK
1) Are you planning to get an iPhone 5?
2) Are my reasons convincing?

Pic is my wife`s at a Verizon store. As I still do not use instagram, and quit asking me to join!

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