Really good big cheeseburger from Louisiana: A JAZZ kitchen. $5.00 off promotion= only $3.00!

Howdy Luuuxers. Haven`t been bloggin` for you all lately. lol. Well... not long ago I was blogging about this fashion show I attended at a local big outdoor mall. There was this one croc mascot handing out balloons and coupons.

We got three and din`t really know that they weren`t coupons, they were jazzy bucks. These could be used as real money. Each was worth five dollars, so we had fifteen dollars worth of Jazzy bucks.

It was three of us, and we each got an order of something. Last time I blogged, I was blogging about the chicken burger that my sister got. Which was not that great.

But this one, it`s just a regular BIG cheeseburger with hush puppies and coleslaw. The original price on the menu is eight bucks. With out Jazzy bucks each of these orders came out to three bucks ($3.00)!!

This was definitely better than the chicken burger. Really good indeed. Smokey taste to the meat, very fresh vegetables, really soft bread (buns). Really good.

I had actually never had huspuppies, pretty good. They`re just corn bread, but deep fried.

Have you guys ever hear of Jazz: A Louisiana Kitchen?

My picture, DO NOT take.

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