Reality TV Go Away!

4 years ago

There are thousand of reality tv show and I have to be honest with you. STOP IT! I am so sick of meaningless tv. The only thing I can say that is positive about reality tv is that it has turned me from a fat, lazy kid to a healthy active adult. No lie!
Reality tv bored me so much, that I have almost completely stopped watinch tv. I still geet a healthy dose of sports and my nerdy tv, nationa geographic, animal planet, history channel, etc, but I have honestly almost completely given up tv.
It started when I was much younger, my sister use to watch the real world and reality tv like that when it first came out and she was older so I couldn`t change the channel, so I would just leave and go outside. Now it has completely aggrivated me to the point where I don`t even bother flipping through the channels to se anything else, I just don`t really want to watch tv anymore.
Do you watch reality tv?
what`s your favorite show?
I must say, I don`t know why but I use to watch "Wipe-out" My nephew loved it when he was 3 and 4 years old. he would crack up laughing when the people would get hit and fall.= into the water. But the juddgment shows like americas got talent and such, what makes these people authorities to tell us what america (or the world for that matter) thinks is talent?
I guess another good thing is that it lets people show talents and hobbies that my not otherwise be seen by the public.

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