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2 years ago

Recently I purchased a brand new Big Apple Red by O.P.I and realized `oh, I still have my first bottle ever of o.p.i!` Which I purchased at my salon, And as excited as I was to find my 10 year old bottle, I soon became disappointed because my first ever O.P.I was Big Apple Red (or so I thought it was).

After looking at the quality, and how it aged I thought this bottle (my first) doesn`t look right, something is off! I knew this because I remember also purchasing Bubble Bath and Barre My Soul afterward at Ulta or Sally`s and they looked perfect!

After looking online, and comparing to my O.P.I purchased at Ulta or Sally`s I was convinced and now know for a fact I was sold a FAKE!

1. If you look at the pictures I`ve put together of my real vs fake you will see that the writing on them is different, the fake has a thinner font.

2. The Bottle Top, OPI always has that little `dimple` on the `P` you can see on the fake it`s not there.

3. On the bottom label, the fake one has just a sticker with black writing, the real one has green writing and a label on top. The fake didn`t come with a label on top.

4. The brush, real OPI has `OPI` on the brush handle it`s hard to see on my real but it`s there, and the brush handle is flat. On the fake however, it doesn`t have the `OPI` on it and it`s a rounded handle and it`s clear.

5. And finally if you look at the back you can see the difference in size with the font, although the fake has only 3 symbols some real OPI polishes come like that.

I`m writing this because nail polish is pretty pricey, and for a trusted salon to sell you a fake is beyond my understanding, I can`t describe my anger when I first realized, i will never go to this salon again, not only is it unfair to is paying customers, but these fakes are not tested lord knows what harmful chemicals are in there!!


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