Real vs. Fake Juicy Couture edition

5 years ago

Before i start telling you the differrences between a real Juicy and a fake one i want to voice my opinion on fake bags. Yes a bag might be fake but chances are, you are going to be the only person who knows it`s a fake. So what if you find out your favorite bag is a fake? What the the heck carry it around still. When you thought it was real it was your FAVORITE bag. I am writing this post just to aware people on fakes. I don`t think it is right for a company to cheat people and sell them a fake bag and take their money. Ok enough rambling let me get started.
The 1st bag is fake the 2nd one is real.

1.) When you open the box if the bag is in a dustbag make sure you read the story, i am pretty sure that juicy bags don`t have dustbags.
2)If the handles are rapped in plastic it`s a fake. Juicy`s handles are never rapped in plastic.
3.) Look at the stiching on the bag. If it looks very off chances are it is fake.
4.) Look at the paint. is it rubbing off? If it is than it`s a fake.
5.) Does the shape of the mirror not look like a heart and does it say I am the fairest? Real Juicy bag have the i underlinded in I am the fairest.
6.)Usually Juicy bags don`t have pink writing they have brown(on shop pocket,mirror,phone and juicy kiss pocket)
7.) Juicy zippers are always ykk
8.)If the tag says have a Juicy day then it is a fake. Juicy tags say Juicy Couture made in the glamorous USA.

Thanks for reading tell me if you want more posts.

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