Reading: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

4 years ago

I just finished this semester of school and wanted to read a book that I didnt have to read for school. Ive had the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy sitting on my bookshelf since Christmas time and started to read it. This book is one of my favorite genres, which is apocalyptic. Its a pretty scary genre but theres something so close to our current world that gives me a thrill that normal scary books and movies dont give me.

This book the world has basically died. The sun is very dim, the land will not grow anything, all plants are dead and at this point, most humans have died as well. There are only a few humans who remain and some even eat other humans to survive. Its a ruthless world where every man is for himself. There is very little food left and life revolves around protecting yourself to survive another day. Danger is everywhere and there is very little hope for anything good in the future. This is the end of the world as we know it.

We see this from the perspective of a man and his son on their trip south to a hopefully warmer location. Its a very depressing book but I keep reading because I wanted to find hope. I didnt want the world to truly be dead when I got to the end.

Its scary because the world of the book is kind of an example of where we are going by polluting the world. Were killing plants, animals, the air, the water and ourselves. When is too much? Companies and corporations do not seem to care about this and unless we do something our world is going to keep getting closer to the book.

Have any of you read this book? What do you think about it? Is it a good example to scare people about the worlds possible future?

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