Re: My New Japonesque Tweezer

5 years ago

*I sent something through e-mail unfinished with the same image. I haven&#39;t seen it posted yet and I&#39;ll delete it as soon as I see it.<div><br /></div><div>It&#39;s been a while since I posted something on Luuux. I&#39;ve just been busy with my school, work, and personal life. Now I&#39;m back! :)</div>
<div><br /></div><div>I just recently bought this tweezer since I got an amazon gift card. Like the Tweezerman tweezers, this can also be sent to be reconditioned. Japonesque had a lot of designs and I chose this since for some reason it reminds me of Chinese designs in porcelain (Maybe it&#39;s just me? LOL). </div>
<div><br /></div><div>Anyways, this tweezers are really good. Its slanted and crafted tip are good for expert extraction. Also the outside has an enamel coating to be easily held.</div><div><br /></div><div>All in all it really does a job while at the same time, being aesthetically pleasing.</div>
<div><br /></div><div>***Picture is mine.***</div><div><br /></div><div>

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