Re-Body SafSlim amp Hunger Chews Freebies

4 years ago

Recently, GNC had this amazing Re-Body promotions on Facebook where you were able to get a FREE bottle of 16 oz SafSlim and a bag of Hunger Chews! Each product retails for $29.99 at GNC, so you would be getting $60 worth of product for free! Fortunately, I was able to claim this offer and hopefully some of you guys knew about it too!

I got the <strong>Re-Body SafSlim in "Tangerine Cream Fusion"</strong. I expected this to taste good yet nasty, but it tastes delicious - just like an orange creamsicle! This product, in conjunction with regular exercise and a diet free of excess carbohydrates and trans fats, is clinically researched shown to reduce belly fat. You are supposed to take one tablespoon twice daily before meals.

I also got the <strong>Re-Body Hunger Chews in "Mandarin Orange"</strong> (30 soft chews). This product has a nice taste as well! No bad after-taste or anything. You are supposed to take one chew daily twice before meals. It is meant to control hunger and overeating, curb sugar and snack cravings, help inhibit emotional eating impulses. With moderate exercise and a healthy diet, this can help with your weight management.

I`m not about losing weight but I like to stay fit and get toned. I definitely see my tummy growing from all the drinks I`ve indulged in and delicious meals I have been eating lately! Plus, I have long school days and sometimes go without eating just because I get stuck during chem labs so hopefully the Hunger Chews help me last throughout the day until I finally have a break and time to eat!

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