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5 years ago

I was out running errands in my old neighbourhood, when I cam across the "mom-and-pop" drugstore that I used to shop at occasionally. I was pleased to see that they had a bunch of razors and cartridges on sale for $4 each! They were mostly men`s razors, but personally, I don`t mind using men`s razors rather than women`s ones, and I know that some women even prefer using men`s razors. :)

Here`s what I purchased:
<ul><strong><li>Schick Quattro Razor</strong>: This razor came with two cartridges. I decided on the Quattro because it has four blades, which gives me a closer shave, I find.</li>
<li><strong>Schick Quattro Titanium Cartridges</strong>: There are 4 cartridges with titanium-coated blades in this package. These cartridges also have a lubrication strip with aloe, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B-5. I really like my razor cartridges to have some sort of moisturizing strip with their blades, so these ones fit the bill!</li>
<li><strong>Schick Quattro Power Cartridges</strong>: There are four cartridges in this package as well, with coated blades. There`s a conditioning strip on these cartridges, which contain aloe & Vitamin E. Score! :)</li></ul>

In total, I got one razor and 10 cartridges for $12. That`s a pretty good deal, I think! I also think it`s kind of funny that men`s razors have cartridges with conditioning/lubricating strips just like women`s razors do. It`s pretty much the same thing, except with a different design, packaging, and branding, lol!

<strong>What`s your favourite brand of razor, if you use one?</strong>

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