Ray of sunshine - I love this box!

1 year ago

I love Lush products and this box has to be one of my favourite collections.

If you`re ever feeling a little down in the dumps, this is the perfect treat to perk you up and make you feel your best again!

The box contains 4 items - Sugar Scrub, Each Peach Massage Bar, Sandstone Soap and the incredible Olive Branch shower gel.

My skin felt amazing after using these products! Sugar Scrub is a green compacted scrub which will tackle flaky skin particularly on the elbows and feet. It is similar to Stepping Stone which I also love and have reviewed. It contains fresh fennel to brighten and cleanse, ginger and lavender. It will crumble if kept in a moist environment but can still be used even if it does and will still be an effective scrub. Another way to use it would be to break a bit off each time you use it then moisten it. Either way it should last you at least 4-5 showers unless you use it all over.

I think the Sandstone soap is a great all over body scrub that will work amazingly well for most of your body - just use Sugar Scrub occasionally and make it last longer as Sandstone has a brilliant sandy gritty texture but lathers really well and smells divine - this is brilliant for the tops of arms and legs. I found it a bit bizarre at first with the bits of sand in but with the fresh lemony smell it reminded me of showering after a day at the beach! Its really uplifting!

Then I tried Olive Branch....wow is all I can say. I felt like I was in Morocco and using the finest scents the country has to offer! It has a watery texture but don`t let it put you off- a little goes a long way and lathers really well. The smell of the bergamot and mandarins and so delicious. I also used this on my hair (followed by Alberto Balsam Apple Conditioner - cheap and cheerful!) and it thoroughly cleansed it. This is definitely my new favourite shower gel - it`s so different to anything I`ve ever tried.

Last but not least the zingy Each Peach massage bar. This is a great way to moisturise! It`s soothing and easy to use and will last you for ages! The lovely citrus smell will help relieve headaches and is a great pick me.

I love Lush so much. This set is amazing. It was like I had a nice little trip to the beach followed by an evening in Marrakech in my shower! Thank you Lush for the experience!


Source link: https://www.lush.co.uk/products/under-15/ray-sunshine

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