Raven Simone Weight Loss Transformation

5 years ago

Raven Simone went through an amazing body transformation that made her almost like a different person after her weight loss.
I really like seeing the transformation that people make with a weight loss or even by just getting in better shape and since celebrities are more exposed than everybody else, I see a lot of articles and photos with transformation and recently I saw the before&afters of Raven Simone.

I have to confess im not very familiar with her work, I do know who she is and seen her before but in much stuff. I also know her from hearing Thats so Raven, which is actually a show were she was the star.
After putting her mind to it, Raven apparently lost 35lb(she has never confirmed her weight and how much she lost) and she claims she accomplished that in big part by stopping stressing so much because she had her own show where she was the star and couldnt miss a day of work and that stressed her out which eventually lead her to overeat.
That is a good attitude to have, because besides overeating, stress can also cause hormone imbalance that is proven to affect weight changes. But she must also followed a healthy and calorie controlled diet and worked out.
The irony is that after her weight loss, her character needed to be heavier and so she had to use pads to make her look bigger. She also says that she still feels strange at how people look at her after her weight loss and how she looks now.Still she should be happy with what she accomplished.

All I have to say is that she looks great and she deserves congrats for her weight loss and for keeping it up.

<strong>What do you think of her weight loss? Are you a fan of hers?</strong>


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