Rave scene in Southern California

6 years ago

Soo here in socal raves are taking over L.A haha Its getting annoying as hell..
See i understand raves have been around since forever but why is it bearly getting sooo much hype now? because of all the 14-17 year old that just go to get drugged up on ecstasy. its such a sad generation really. When i was 15 I`m not guna lie I was one of those kids who went out to all ages clubs in LA and had fun becuase i really enjoyed the electro music and stuff but now it seems like everyone and their mother go! For example when i was in highschool during lunch they would play all this dupstep and electro sh*t! and all the little 15 year olds would come out to the quad and shuffle?! how annoying! that is why i cannot stand these events anymore theres a time and place for everything! Also Im sure you all heard about that 15 year old girl who died at the Electric Daisy Carnival from an overdose..Im glad raves are now 18+ atleast. Its very sad seeing 14 year hold high as F on ecstasy loooking sloppy as hell on the floor...Theres an uncomping rave called Nocturnal and all over twitter I see people i used to go to highschool with like "NOCTURNAL HERE I COME" keep in mind its an 18+ event and these people are like 15/16..how do they plan to get in? lol Im sure they will have those things that check your id to make sure its valid. If they plan to sneak in thats what kills it for everyone there who id hope is more responsible about going. And all those people sneaking in and causing choas will eventually ruin the rave scene haha. It just got way too out of control now..im not hating on the people who go for the right reasons though. So whats your opinion? Im not saying "oh ban raves!!" I`m just saying if it wasnt for these little kids who started abusing drugs theyre wouldnt be so much controversy about it..

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