Rave Review: Tresemme Split Remedy Leave-In Split End Conditioning Treatment

5 years ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers! Before I get into the review, I will tell you a bit about my hair and why I was drawn to this Tresemme Split Remedy product. I have had a lot of bad hairdresser experiences in my life, and so I try to give them as few opportunities as possible to butcher my hair. I know I should be getting haircuts much more often than I do, but I like to throw around the "poor college kid" excuse, which, now that I think of it, is basically true, especially considering how much shopping I`ve been doing lately, but I digress.

Long story short, it has been awhile since I`ve cut my hair. And my ends made it very obvious. My main method of zoning out in my physiology lectures was picking out the most split ends from my hair as I could. (Ahh, bad habit, I know!) So, I decided that I needed to get rid of these split ends once and for all. I had some Extra Care Bucks at CVS and picked this up on a whim, and have used it for about two weeks. I feel like I`m finally ready to give a proper review on it!

The verdict: I LOVE IT!!! My ends have done a complete 180 from how they were. Before, you know that weird, frizzy, sort of crunchy feeling that your ends have when they are really split and dead? Totally gone. My hair is smooth at the bottom and doesn`t fray out like it used to. I love running my fingers through my hair because it is so soft and silky. I am completely amazed!

It comes out as a whitish gel, sort of like a slightly stickier version of the conditioner you use in the shower. I put two pumps of product on my hair after I`ve towel dried it and let it air dry for about 20 minutes, so it is still damp but not dripping at all anymore. I concentrate most of it on the last 6 inches or so of my hair, but there is always a little bit of product left on my hands, which I work into the rest of my hair, avoiding my roots. It does not make my hair feel heavy or sticky or product-y, which I love. My hair has gotten thinner since it`s grown out so long, so I don`t like anything weighing it down. The scent is clean, light and pleasant, but doesn`t really linger.

The best benefit to my hair is that I`ve been able to use much less heat on it! My hair looks so healthy and smooth that I don`t feel the need to straighten it as often, and when I do, I can use a lower heat setting and my hair is still silky smooth. This will definitely be beneficial to the health of my hair in the long run, and for this I am so thankful!!

Overall, I highly HIGHLY recommend this product. It is certainly salon quality and has done wonderful things to the health and look of my hair. It was also very affordable. I purchased this for a little more than $5, but I live in the downtown area of a large city where prices tend to be higher than average, so I wouldn`t be surprised if it was much cheaper elsewhere!

Let me know what you think, or if you`ve tried this product and have any opinions!


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