Raspberry Pi ReleasedampSold Out + My experience (trying) to order it

5 years ago

Today was the so awaited release of the Raspberry Pi, a small 25$ computer and that I have talked about before. The launch was very popular and if you have visited twitter now you can see that Raspberry Pi is a trending topic there.
I have been wanting to get one of these for some time now and so since they said they would make a big announcement today at 6am and all indicated it was when they start selling, I set up the alarm and woke up very early to try to get one.
First I have to say this launch was a big fail. In a matter of minutes, the servers of the 2 stores that are selling them crashed and was impossible to get in. Only one of the stores was actually selling them and the other one was just asking for registration information to then let us know when it will sell, when the webpage states that both stores would be selling them today.
While at home of the store that actually had them, I was able to put one in my cart after a lot of effort and only to find a very complicated ordering form and that is meant only for corporate companies and not for regular costumers. The makes of the RasPI have said that everybody was supposed to be able to order one regular and not just companies.
But in a matter of minutes they also sold out their units, which were probably about 5000. They are now only taking pre-orders.

I have to say this launch was a fail, especially in terms of organization. Some lucky people did manage to order one ( otherwise they wouldnt be sold out) but I also suspect that a lot of people ordered more than one when it was not allowed and that contributed for them to run out of stock so quickly.
I still havent given up and I will try to get one soon but that probably wont happen from this first launch batch =/ So I woke up at 6am, spent 2 precious hours refreshing stores for nothing

<strong>Did you know about the Raspberry Pi? Did you tried to order one or do you plan to?</strong>

See more info on the raspPi here : http://www.luuux.com/technology/raspberry-pi-pc-25-hdmiairplay

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